International law and national sovereignty

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(VOVworld) – The Standing Committee on Democracy and Human Rights convened on Tuesday as part of the 132nd General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU 132) in Hanoi. Parliamentarians adopted a resolution called “International law as it relates to national sovereignty, non-intervention in the internal affairs of States, and human rights”. VOV reports:


The draft resolution says sovereignty assertions are the basis for international cooperation and an important element of stability. It stipulates that law, peace, security, human rights, and sustainable development are all connected and supplement one another. The draft resolution stresses the responsibility of all nations in respecting human rights and fundamental personal freedoms irrespective of race, ethnicity, skin color, sex, language, religion, political opinion, national or social origin, property, family background, or other status.

Arising challenges

In the context of complicated global developments, most nations at many bilateral and multilateral forums consider peace and stability an important premise and solid foundation for sustainable development. But instability, sectarian and religious conflicts, disputes over territory and natural resources, arms races, political violence, and violations of international law, have tended to arise. A number of countries, under the pretext of protecting human rights, have attacked some sovereign countries, resulting in wars and humanitarian and human rights tragedies. Associate Professor Dang Dung Chi, Director of the Human Rights Research Institute, said: “The imposition of human rights can lead to internal conflicts and external intervention in the area of human rights. Human rights should be considered a general value and an aspiration and goal of all nations. In reality it is a process of consciousness of each government, each nation. Conflicts concerning human rights stem from the imposition of values inappropriate to the development of each nation.”Joint action for a world of peace

Themed “sustainable development targets: turning words into action”, IPU 132 is a venue for parliamentarians to share and discuss ideas and actions to implement common goals of mankind. One of the priorities of the agenda of IPU 132 is to turn words into action so that laws and the fundamental principles of international laws will be respected, the agreements and codes of conduct in international relations will be strictly observed, disputes and disagreements will be resolved by peaceful means, and all nations will be entitled to equal rights.

For 130 years the Inter-Parliamentary Union has proved to be the world’s most important multilateral parliamentary forum, contributing significantly to peace, cooperation, development, democracy, social progress, equality, and human rights. IPU President Saber Choudhury said: “Peace and development is fundamental to the work of the IPU. How can we make for a peaceful world? How can we make for a safer world? Because without peace, development is never possible. And the way we try to do it is through encouraging dialogue and the IPU provides a platform for dialogue. We bring parliamentarians together, where we learn from each other, where we share best practices.”

Having suffered severe consequences of war, Vietnam always treasures the values of peace. For many years it has stood shoulder to shoulder with other IPU members in striving for the goals of sustainable growth, democracy, human rights, gender equality, children’s rights, and other fundamental rights. Therefore, IPU 132 is an opportunity for Vietnam to promote a message of peace, as National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung explains: “IPU’s voice will have a positive impact on the UN General Assembly’s approval of the UN’s Action Program for the next 15 years. In order to build a world of unity, peace, and cooperation for a prosperous and happy life, it is of primary importance to respect human rights, and the rights of nations as well as unite based on mutual trust. Global unity will promote cooperation to achieve success.”

By adopting the draft resolution, IPU parliamentarians have helped to resolve the fundamental issues of international law that the world community has been developing.

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