In photo exhibit ‘Precious Heritage’, cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups shine

Source: Pano feed


A M’Nong ethnic girl with her elephant featured in one of the photos on display at Rehahn Croquevielle’s debut exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City.

A French photographer has launched an exhibit in Ho Chi Minh City featuring daily life images of Vietnamese minority ethnic communities.

Rehahn Croquevielle said he wants to show the world another side of Vietnam and the colorful cultures of different ethnic groups across the country.

His debut exhibition, “Precious Heritage,” uses 35 of his favorite images from “Vietnam, a Mosaic of Contrasts”, a photo book he published last year.

The highlight is the world-famous series of photos portraying 6-year-old Kim Luan from the M’Nong ethnic group with her pet elephant in Buon Ma Thuot in the Central Highlands.

Croquevielle said he captured the scenes by chance and was mesmerized by the fact that the happy little girl was not intimidated by the giant animal.

He said the photos tell a lot about the old custom of raising elephants as pets among minority ethnic families in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

He said many ethnic groups in Vietnam are losing their cultural traditions as only the elderly are trying to preserve them.

The exhibition is open for free at Vin Gallery at 6 Le Van Mien, Thao Dien, District 2, until March 21.

Then it will be taken on tour to Versailles, Toronto, San Francisco and London.

Croquevielle said a portion of the proceeds from photo prints will go to the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, which is having several projects to support poor children in Vietnam.

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