Hanoi Capital City in the eyes of foreign scholars

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A book entitled “Hanoi-Capital City” has been debuted at the Hanoi-based Goethe Institute as the outcome of the research on Vietnam’s urban from the 1990s to 2014 by international and domestic scholars.

This 300-page book has six chapters, including the capital from the air; changes by time; architecture and housing; citizens; traffic and soul.

The cover of the book

The cover of the book

The chapters are illustrated by 600 images and 8 analyses. As many as 35 experts, 7 companies and 8 research institutes are involved in compiling this book. The chief author is Doctor Michael Waibel.

In this pictorial book, readers can see changes of the capital city in 20 years via images taken at different periods from the same corner and via analysis and suggestions for a developing city in the future.

Apart from finding the soul of Hanoi among architecture structures, the book has its own chapter featuring Hanoians, the subject shaping the capital city.

For foreign scholars, they are surprised at Hanoians’ openness and warmness. The group of authors held that almost all those they contacted did not hesitate to introduce them to their friends and families. As a result, they had a wonderful opportunity to find out about the life and the community.

International scholars also had subtle feelings about Hanoi. For Katri Bromme, she found that Hanoi has many nice landscapes. She mentioned familiar corners and favourite restaurants in the Old Quarter, such as Lan Ong street smelling Vietnamese and Chinese traditional medicine, fried fermented pork roll near the St. Joseph’s Cathedral and green papaya salad with dried beef near the Returned Sword Lake.

With their love with the capital city of Hanoi, foreign scholars were also aware of the curiosity about western cultures of many youths and surprising number of youths using smart phones and Facebook. However, they did not know how these could impact on the life of Hanoians and the soul of Hanoi.

Source: thethaovanhoa.vn Translated by Ngoc Bich

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