German plane crashes in French Alps

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An Airbus A320 carrying 150 people from Barcelona in Spain to Dusseldorf in Germany, crashed in the French Alps on March 24th.
(Source: AFP)

(Source: AFP)

Flight 4U9525 disappeared from radar at 10am local time. Reports suggest there were 144 passengers and 6 crew on board.

French President, Francois Hollande confirmed the downed flight and said he expected there to be “no survivors”.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel joined Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy in Seyne to pay respects to the victims alongside the French president.

“The site is a picture of horror. The grief of the families and friends is immeasurable” reported German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier after being flown over the crash scene. “We must now stand together. We are united in our great grief.”

It took investigators hours to reach the site, led by mountain guides to the craggy ravine in the southern French Alps, not far from the Italian border and the French riviera.

French police at the crash site, about 2,000 meters above sea level, said no one had survived and it would take days to recover the bodies due to difficult terrain, snow and incoming storms.

“The first black box, called CVR was found a few hours after the crash and allowed the investigation to move forward rapidly”, French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve told journalists. The recorder was flown to Paris and was expected to be examined soon.

A second so-called black box, in this case recording flight data, has also ben found on March 26th./.