Exhibition on nature by 20 female artists

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Đăng ký: VietNam News

Visitors to the exhibition (Source: cinet.gov.vn)

Visitors to the exhibition (Source: cinet.gov.vn)

Nearly 30 works, on nature, by 20 female artists are on display at an exhibition which opened in Ho Chi Minh city on March 5th.

The exhibition is being held to mark the 1975th anniversary of Trung Sisters’ uprising and the 105th anniversary of International Women’s Day (March 8th).

Each work brings the visitors colourful images on nature through skillful and creative drawings. The paintings are reveal the beauty of wild grasses, trees, leaves and flowers which are changing in space and time.

The exhibition will run until March 14th. All works will be auctioned to raise fund for charitable and social activities and to help disadvantaged people./.