Everyday struggles of poor women in Hanoi in pictures

Source: Pano feed

The largest segment of the world’s poor consists of women and children who live in rural environments— and everyday many migrate to the larger cities in search of a better life.

They are the street vendors peddling fruits and vegetables, water, sometimes even shrimp, flowers, garbage workers, carpenters, the artisans and indigenous peoples who live on the fringes of society and whose daily struggles seldom capture attention.

They often work extra hours, even late into the evening, to earn a meagreness of income.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we hope you will take the time to pause to appreciate the daily struggles of these women.

Some photos taken in Hanoi:


Some women have to sell fruit and vegetable at the corner of a flea market


Picking up materials for recycling


Selling flowers on street



Street vendor spends break time repairing her torn conical


Selling food on street late at night is this woman’s daily work



Carrying waste food from restaurants


Elderly woman takes bus home after selling guava to earn a meagre subsistence


Female carpenter working overtime to make ends meet

Tran Ngoc VOV

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