Boy trapped to giant kite falls to death

Source: Pano feed


The kite, which spans 18 meters, belongs the Saigon Kite Club

A five year old boy died in a 20 meter (66-ft) fall from a giant kite after his feet was trapped in the kite lines in Ho Chi Minh City this afternoon, witnesses said.

The kite, which spans 18 meters, were being flown by members of Saigon Kite Club, who said the boy probably came near the kite when they were preparing to launch it into the air. They said they were too focus in flying the kite they didn’t notice the boy.

The boy was rushed to hospital, where he was confirmed dead. He reportedly came to the kite field Dong Dieu in Hoc Mon District with his parent.

Local authorities are investigating his death.

Đăng ký: VietNam News