135-kg giant carp sold to restaurant in HCM City

Source: Pano feed


A giant carp weighing 135kg has been sold to a restaurant in HCM City. This is the biggest fish that has been bought by a local restaurant.

The 135-kg fish

A representative from the restaurant network in District 4 and 7 which bought the fish said that the fish is 1.8m long. It was caught by a Cambodian fisherman on Mekong River. The representative, however, did not disclose the price of the fish.

According to traders, each kilogramme of the giant carp is no less than VND1.5 million (USD71.4).

Recently, many fishermen in the Southwest, including those in HCM City, have caught giant carps.

On October 16 morning, Tran Minh Dung in HCM City’s District 8 35 years old, snagged a 128-kg carp.

On December 6, another fisherman named Nguyen Thanh Loc and his son Nguyen Van Minh in Vinh Long Province also caught a 130-kg carp.

Recently, on January 12, 2015, a fisherman in Dong Thap Province netted a 110-kg fish on Hau River.

All of these carps were taken to HCM City to be sold at high prices.

The giant carp was once an important food fish in Thailand, Laos PDR and Cambodia. Over the past 20 years, the abundance of this species has dropped sharply, raising grave concerns for regional authorities concerned about the sustainability of fish stocks in the Mekong.

Many rivers in the species’ range have been seriously affected by urbanisation, dams and pollution from agriculture, urbanisation and industry, which have led to a dramatic reduction in its habitat.

The species was highly valued by fisheries and was over-harvested, particularly through gill-net fishing, which poses the greatest threat to the giant fish.

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