What are common entertainments at spring festivals?

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(CPV) – Many forms of entertainments have existed since time immemorial and continue to delight people today:Wrestling

Legend has it that kings in ancient times used wrestling to select soldiers and generals. Northern Viet Nam has many famous wrestling festivals, such as Yen Noi, Mai Dong (Ha Noi), Vi Thanh (Vinh Yen province), Thuc Vu (Nam Dinh province), Phong Chau and Doan Hung (Phu Tho province) and An Lao (Hai Phong).

Contestants at annual wrestling competitions must defeat all rivals, including the previous champion.

The wrestlers wear only loin cloth. Before the match, the two wrestlers must observe a ritual, “se dai,” in which they execute many beautiful movements to introduce themselves to the audience and to each other.

The slow, deliberate rythm of the drum beats continuously, encouraging the wrestlers to perform. Wrestling requires great endurance and intelligence. The loser is the person who is lifted up or thrown to the ground, exposing his belly.

Traditional Cockfighting

The cockfight is a common competition at rural festivals in Viet Nam. Bac Ninh province in northern Viet Nam has several villages famous for their fighting cocks.

Fights staged in Dinh Bang (Tu Son District), Tho Ha (Viet Yen District), and Yen Phu (Yen Phong District) attract many competitors from neighbouring areas.

Fighting cocks are sometimes equipped with metal spurs like sharp knives strapped over their natural spurs. Cockfights are usually held in circular earthen pits.

Two cocks are placed in the pit, beak to beak, and then released while spectators around the pit – mostly men – bet on the winner.

Across the country, places famous for cockfighting are: Van Cu and Nghi Tam (Ha Noi)in the north; Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai, and Van Gia (Nha Trang) in the center; ad Hoc Mon, Ba Diem, Ba Ria, Duc Hoa, Go Cong, Sa Dec, O Mon, Chau Doc, and Ca Mau in the south. Fighting cocks from Cao Lanh District (Dong Thap province) are known throughout the country, as a popular saying notes:

No fighting cocks are as good as those from Cao LanhNo girls are as beautiful as those from Nha Mon.

Another saying recognises, “A dog is like its father; a chick, like its mother.” The colour of the cock’s feathers is crucial.

Purple – feathered cocks are ussually strong and brave with good fighting abilities but may have been crossbred between a pure-bred fighting-cock hen and a normal rooster raised for meat.

Black – feathered cocks and gray fighting cocks with black legs are quick but poor at withstanding their opponents’ strikes. Apricot – coloured cocks run away when subjected to fierce attack. Owl – feathered fighting cocks are strong, persisten, and skillful.

Each fighting cock species – bantam, Chinese chicken, half-breed chicken, tortoise – tongued, and others – has its own characterstics. Some old books even classify fighting cocks into literary, military, and half-literary and half-military. Owners also name their cocks according to their special features: Than Ke (magical cock), Linh Ke (divine cock), and Hung Ke (powerful cock).

Cock owners train their cocks to stand correctly and deliver the right kicks and pecks. A good fighting cock must have the small head of a peacock, the body of a cormorant, deep eyes, wings neck.

A fighting cock must look brawny and powerful, through sometimes one can not judge a look powerful but fight badly. Others may look frail but can beat almost any rival./.