Vietnamese businesspeople with odd hobbies

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VietNamNet Bridge – They are rich and have odd hobbies which easily differentiate them from each other and from ordinary folk.“Barefoot” female director

Tran Thi Thuy is director of the Bich Thuy Production and Import-Export Company in Bac Giang province. She is always well dressed and drives luxury cars, but she is goes barefoot with rolled-up trousers, in both hot summer and cold winter.

Thuy said she has had the habit of going barefoot since she was 13 years old, when she earned money by selecting items from garbage.

Though Thuy is now the director of a large company, but she still maintains the habit which recalls her difficult days.

Thuy’s relatives said that in 2009 she nearly went barefoot to receive the Business Gold Cup on stage at awards ceremony.

Technology group’s dollar millionaire


In April 2014, Nguyen Khac Thanh was appointed to the post of deputy general director of FPT, the country’s largest information technology group.

Thanh, in the eyes of FPTers, is a very special man. He goes everywhere with his bicycle, an old, ugly one which people say “is refused by thieves”.

Thanh rides to meetings with partners and customers, who are all polite and professional.

Bui Quang Ngoc, one of FPT’s founders, reportedly gave Thanh money and asked him to buy a motorbike. But Thanh still is seen driving the worthless bicycle.

Thanh is not only a talent in the software industry, but also a real dollar millionaire. It is estimated that the amount of FPT shares Thanh holds is worth $40 million.

However, Thanh still likes traveling on his old bicycle.

Thanh is one of two high-ranking executives at FPT who do not have private cars.

Young millionaire likes discounted products

Do Quang Vinh, the son of SHB Bank’s owner, a successor of the T&T Group worth trillions of dong in the future, travels on an old motorbike.

He owns no super-car or branded goods. Vinh, the oldest son of Do Quang Hien, also a well-known businessman, said he likes driving motorbikes, eating at street shops and hunting for goods on sale.

The total value of the clothes and shoes Vinh wore on the day when interviewed by Tri Thuc was less than VND2 million, which he bought online during the sale season.

Businessman owns house with six golden fowl on roof

Nguyen Quoc Thanh, a well-off businessman born in 1957, the Year of the Rooster, built a villa in Cau Giay district in Hanoi with six golden fowl on the roof.

Thanh Lich

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