Vietnam increases its role in international community

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Vietnam and many countries in the world faced a lot of challenges in 2014. In the context of forming a multi-centered world, global economy strapping many concerns; especially, the varied politics and defense in South East Asia as well as in Asia that make huge effects to the development of the country.

In this context state leaders’ visits with target of issuing a message of implementing policies in cooperation, development, peace and international law respect, and strengthening their partnership and relationship were well-supported by partners.

Collaboration among foreign affairs of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnamese Goverment and Vietnamese People has been transforming the country from a constructive member of the international community to a country of contributing, giving propositions and forming common law not only in ASEAN but also in the world.

Particularly, Vietnam has played an important role in ASEAN by implementing general declaration about East Sea for the first time. The Vietnam’s initiative of hosting ASEAN-EU summit on the other side of ASEM summit was much appreciated.

Currently, Vietnam has enhanced its ties with Japan up to deeper strategic partnership relations, and ending bilateral negotiations of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with South Korea and with Customs Alliances of Russia – Belarus – Kazakhstan, going to final talks about FTA with the EU and so on.

Vietnam is considered as one of the most important geo-political sites to link the regional strategic economies.

Last year, Vietnam received certifications as the world cultural heritages like Trang An scenic landscape complex, official document of the reign of Nguyen and Vi-Giam folk singing of Nghe Tinh.

Expectedly, Vietnam will get more achievements as well as increase its position in the region in particular and in the world in general this year.

Here are four pictures highlighting Vietnam’s diplomatic activities in 2014 through leaders’ visits:

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