Unskilled Vietnamese workers in Thailand to be granted work permits

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Vietnamese unskilled workers in Thailand will be allowed to register at local labor centers to get one-year work permits with full rights and interests, the Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand said in a notice on Tuesday.


A registration schedule has yet to be announced but relevant Thai agencies are preparing for the work, the embassy said.

The process of work permit license registration and granting will be carried out at labor centers located in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Rayong, Nakhon Phanom, and Songkhla.

This process is based on a resolution approved by the Thai Cabinet on February 10 on the management of migrant workers with Vietnamese nationality.

Currently, many unskilled Vietnamese workers are considered working illegally in Thailand because they entered the country as tourists and then stayed on to work as hired workers without permits or agreements with their employers.

Now thanks to the said resolution, such Vietnamese workers who are domestic helpers and blue-collar workers in construction, fishery, and hospitality will be recognized and granted work permits.

Under the resolution, the Thai Ministry of Home Affairs will receive the files of Vietnamese workers while the Thai Ministry of Labor is in charge of receiving employers’ recruitment registration and granting work permits to those workers.

Meanwhile, the Thai Ministry of Health is assigned to provide health insurance for those workers, and the Thai Royal Police will examine and supervise the implementation of all the above tasks.

Granting work permits to such Vietnamese workers has been agreed between the two prime ministers of Vietnam and Thailand at their talks in Hanoi in November 2014.

It is expected that agencies concerned of both countries will sign a memorandum of understanding on labor cooperation soon to facilitate the agreement and form a basis for Vietnamese workers to be sent to Thailand for work.

The registration and licensing of such Vietnamese laborers will contribute to easing the labor supply shortage in Thailand, strengthen the management of foreign workers, and ensure the legitimate benefits for Vietnamese workers in Thailand.

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