Unity enhances national development

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(VOVworld)- Vietnamese people have promoted a tradition of unity down through many generations. They have always emphasized their patriotism, compassion, tolerance, kindheartedness and unity among the various ethnic groups. VOV reporter Thu Hoa has a story about the Vietnamese national unity bloc.


On the occasion of the lunar New Year, leaders of the Vietnamese Party, State, Fatherland Front and local administrations have paid Tet visits and presented Tet gifts to people social beneficiaries, the poor and ethnic minorities. Before Tet, the Prime Minister signed a decision to provide rice to for the poor to ensure a well-fed and happy Tet for everyone.

In Hanoi, a variety of performances are taking place before and during Tet. A spring festival to honor outstanding village patriarchs, intellectuals, and artisans from Vietnam’s ethnic minority groups and overseas Vietnamese has been held. The festival honors the traditions and customs of Vietnam’s ethnic groups and creates an opportunity for cultural exchanges between Vietnamese people at home and abroad. It contributed to strengthening the national unity bloc.

The Vietnamese Foreign Ministry and Ho Chi Minh City’s People’s Committee jointly organized a program themed “Glory Homeland” for more than 1,500 overseas Vietnamese. A meeting between overseas Vietnamese and leaders of the Vietnamese Party, State, and Fatherland Front will also be held in Hanoi. The overseas Vietnamese will also visit a number of scenic spots in Vietnam. The State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs and local authorities have organized exchanges with overseas Vietnamese to strengthen national unity and mobilize them to participate in national development.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front and its member organizations have held a series of activities to unite people in poverty reduction, new rural development and ensuring social security. During Vietnam’s rapid international integration, it’s crucial to promote national unity to serve national construction and development. Tran Hau is former Editor in Chief of The Front Magazine: “The Fatherland Front will mobilize people to participate in all of its activities. The Fatherland Front’s role and function are not only to communicate and launch movements but also to supervise social activities for the common goals of the nation”.

The 13th National Assembly, at its year-end meeting in 2014, identified Vietnam’s general goals for 2015: strengthen macro-economic stabilization, tackle difficulties in production and business activities, restructure the economy in line with a new the growth model, improve the competitive edge and achieve higher economic growth than in 2014. Vietnam also aims to boost social, cultural, educational, and technological development, environmental protection, and strengthen national defense and the fight against corruption. Pham The Duyet is former President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front’s Central Committee: “The implementation of Party resolutions plays an important role in promoting the strength of national unity. By uniting people, we can successfully achieve the goals of industrialization and modernization and gain international support for Vietnam’s economic development”.

Thu Hoa

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