Uncle Ho’s soldiers build traffic road for rural people

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PANO – The newly built concrete road connecting Si Leng Chai hamlet, Lan Nhi Thang commune, Phong Tho district, the Northern province of Lai Chau, is full of laughter of locals who are advancing to town market.

A local man, Tan Quang Tay, while stringing a big pig on his motorbike’s saddle, cheerfully said some months ago he had to wind the motorbike’s rear wheel with chains to go to the market to sell his agricultural products because the previous road was very slippery.

Troops of the Lai Chau provincial Military Command help locals construct the road

Troops of the Lai Chau provincial Military Command help locals construct the road

Lieutenant Colonel Thao A Pinh, Deputy Commissar of the Lai Chau Military Command, shares that Si Leng Chai is one of the most remote localities of Phong Tho district. The commune is circled by mounts and abysses. If they had a straight road, the distance from the hamlet to the commune’s market would be only less than10km. However, local people had walked the double distance.

Thus, at the end of last year, the Command mobilized more than 200 cadres, soldiers and militia to help local residents construct a straight concrete road.

Seeing the new road like a silk strip laying crosswise on the mount, village patriarch Cheo Quai Quay said their dream had come true and thanked the Party and Uncle Ho’s soldiers for this gift.

Si Leng Chai hamlet’s Head Cheo Chin Duan affirmed that the road would bring prosperity and pleasure to local people.

This year, soldiers joined a party organized by local people to welcome the Lunar New Year (Tet) festival following their traditional customs. The party was a big thank from them to the troops as well as celebrated development of the hamlet last year.

Translated by Pham Huy

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