The Vietnamese Tet of foreign football players

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VietNamNet Bridge – They are football players and football coaches who married Vietnamese women and live in Vietnam.


Coach Graechen Guillaume and his family.

The most famous bridegroom among foreign football players and coaches in Vietnam may be the coach of Hoang Anh Gia Lai FC, Graechen Guillaume of France.

After a good year with his U19 team, the French coach is becoming acquainted with the new job coaching V-League – Vietnam’s top football league.

Guillaume did not have a good start at V-League so the Lunar New Year is an interval to rest and relieve stress before improving his team.

The Vietnamese Tet is not strange to the French coach because he has been in Vietnam for seven to eight years.

Photo: The New Year holiday is an opportunity for coach Graechen Guillaume to be with his family.

Tet is also an opportunity for the Frenchman to reunite with his family, his wife and two children, in the suburbs of Pleiku City.

Another famous foreign bridegroom is Huynh Kesley Alves. This Brazilian-born striker has celebrated many lunar New Year holidays in Vietnam.

Kesley enjoys the practices of Vietnamese people during Tet, such as displaying peach and apricot trees in the house, welcoming guests and giving lucky money to children.

Striker Diabate of Dong Tam Long An is one of the “newest” bridegrooms of Vietnam. Last year he married a woman from the Mekong Delta and this will be his first Tet in Vietnam as a married man.

There are other foreign husband footballers, such as Hoang Vissai, Dinh Hoang Max of Quang Ninh Coal FC and Van Bakel of Thanh Hoa FC.

For them, Tet with their families is a time to enjoy spring, and be immersed in the traditions and customs of Vietnam.

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