State President meets with revolutionary prisoners

Source: Pano feed

PANO – State President Truong Tan Sang met with and extended New Year greetings to revolutionists who were once imprisoned by the enemy on February 22nd in the Ho Chi Minh-based War Remnants Museum.

President Truong Tan Sang extending New Year greetings to former POWs

President Truong Tan Sang extending New Year greetings to former POWs

At the meeting, former prisoners of war (POWs) expressed their pleasure at the national achievements over the past year, especially the improvement of locals’ living standard. They also voiced their opinions on policies for former POWs and the care for those with adversity.

The President thanked them for closely following the development of the nation and their constructive opinions on the national construction and protection.

He highly spoke of their great contributions in the war- and peace- time. He also laid stress on important events to be held in this year and many challenges posed to the national socio-economic, and cultural development, requiring the Party, the whole people and army to strengthen their solidarity and heighten their determination.

He hoped that former POWs continue promoting their resilience and role model in local movements and further educate the tradition for young generations.

On the occasion, President Truong Tan Sang wished them good health, success and more contributions to the development of localities and the nation.

Translated by Mai Huong

Đăng ký: VietNam News