Saigon Hi-Tech Park aims to ramp up localization rate

Source: Pano feed

The management board of Saigon Hi-Tech Park yesterday said that they would improved localization rate to 25 percent in products made by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) enterprises in the park this year.

Workers at a company in Saigon Hi-Tech Park (Photo: SGGP)

Workers at a company in Saigon Hi-Tech Park (Photo: SGGP)

The park has also set a target to increase the rate to 40 percent by 2020.

At present, the park’s export turnover by FDI companies reaches billions of U.S. dollars every year. However the localization rate in their products accounts for only 20 percent, the rest 80 percent materials have been imported.

Of these, mechanical engineering field has to import most components with the annually total import value approximating US$30 billion.

Electricity and electronics field has a bit higher localization rate of 20-30 percent. Still, local businesses have just supplied low value materials such as packing, machine frames and shells.

The localization rate is very low in hi-tech products. Most materials and components have been imported resulting in low added value of the products–about 15-17 percent.

The park’s management board said they would promote activities to supply high quality human resources, assist businesses in technology transfer, create stable business environment and policies, and help bring together Vietnamese and FDI firms.

For higher localization rate, the Government should give businesses with assistances in taxes, land rent and technical infrastructures, and credit incentives. Local businesses should take the initiative in raising the rate.

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