Purchasing for Tet in subsidy period

Source: Pano feed

Đăng ký: VietNam News

In the subsidy period, Hanoian people started to buy peach flower in Hang Luoc street or go to groceries to buy seasoning, dried pig skin and rice paper from 23rd of the last lunar month of the year.

Atmosphere of new spring overwhelmed 36 streets. Hanoian people went to streets

to prepare for the Lunar New Year Festival. Bicycles were the most popular vehicles

30 years ago.

A flower market on the Lunar New Year Festival sold all kinds of flowers

but the peach flowers were the most outstanding.

The life at that time was very difficult but every family tried to buy a branch

of peach flower to display on the Lunar New Year Festival. Nhat Tan peach

is the most famous flower then.

Standing in line to wait to buy goods before the Hanoi Opera House

A shop was full of flower painting on the Lunar New Year Festival

List of goods of a grocery on the Lunar New Year Festival in 1982

Everyone was eager to go to the market on a day nearly Tet

A store selling “Chung” cake in the old time

Together “Chung” cake, pork-pie and sausages were indispensable dishes on Tet

A man selling firecracker in the old time

The sound of firecracker was common on previous Tet. However, it now is prohibited

because of dangerous and unsafe in production and distribution.

A street was decorated before Tet