Proud and touched by significant developments of Vietnam

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President Truong Tan Sang welcomes Overseas Vietnamese to the Homeland Spring programme (Photo: VNA)

NDO – Nhan Dan reporters recap the thoughts and emotions of Overseas Vietnamese who have returned to the country to attend the annual ‘Homeland Spring’ programme and welcome the traditional Lunar New Year 2015.

Le Trung Kien, a 50-year old OV in Ukraine: Believing in the future development of the country

Although I have traveled a lot, I always feel touched whenever arriving at Noi Bai airport. Like other expats, the more I travel, the more I miss my homeland. Such emotions give me more motivation to live, work and dedicate myself.

Returning to Vietnam this time, I see that our country has many changes, particularly in infrastructure. In the past to return to my hometown in Yen Bai province I had to navigate walking along the poor conditions of the rugged roads, but now cars drive everywhere on new sealed roads. I’ve also seen many new tall buildings.

Our country is changing rapidly, which is not only measured by the years and months but by days and hours. Of course, there remain weaknesses, but I believe that with efforts of the whole society, our country will become more beautiful and prosperous, bringing prosperity and happiness to all people.

Every Tet, the Vietnamese community in Ukraine gathers together to welcome the New Year. Activities to celebrate the traditional Lunar New Year and other major holidays of Vietnam are also organised. The current situation in Ukraine is still very tense but the Vietnamese community has promoted solidarity to overcome difficulties and challenges in order to stabilise their lifestyles.

Tran Hai Linh, Chairman of the Vietnamese Association in the Republic of Korea (RoK): A community with lot of potential

The Vietnamese community in RoK is a young community aligned with the establishment of the bilateral diplomatic relations in 1992. With nearly 130,000 people living there, the Vietnamese community in RoK sends about US$1 billion each year to Vietnam, equivalent to 10% of the total foreign remittances to Vietnam each year.

As a member of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, I hope that there will be more exchange programmes between expats and domestic agencies in order to promote the national unity. In the current era, there should be channels providing information about the activities of OVs so that local people can learn about how OVs live and work abroad. It is also necessary to introduce and increase the transmission of information about Vietnam’s cultural values, the country and the people to international friends through the role of OVs.

The Vietnamese Association in RoK has simultaneously held programmes across the RoK to help OVs welcome and enjoy the Tet holidays as well as to preserve the cultural identity and traditions of Vietnam.

Attending this year’s ‘Homeland Spring’ I was informed of the efforts of the whole nation in the past year to overcome difficulties and I will be sure to share this information with OVs in RoK.

Vu Nam Khanh, a student in France: Hoping to make contributions to developing the motherland

I have just completed a Masters degree of International Marketing in France. Throughout the five years living in France, I was lucky enough to study with and meet many Vietnamese students who are living in France and the US. I believe that no matter where they study, Vietnamese students want to come back to their motherland so that they can contribute to the development of the nation.

However, there is the fact that many Vietnamese students, who have studied abroad for multiple years, still lack living and working skills when they come back to Vietnam. I think that they should be active in learning about working conditions and requirements in Vietnam. I also hope that relevant agencies in Vietnam will provide programmes on vocational guidance and integration for Vietnamese students abroad.

Coming back to Vietnam, I am excited to see the newly built Nhat Tan Bridge. I feel the potential and bright future of Vietnam.

I am moved to be celebrating the Year of the Goat in my homeland. I hope that I will be able to apply the knowledge I learnt abroad to the country’s future development and make contributions to boost Vietnam’s prosperity.

Vice President of the Association of Vietnamese Residents in Slovakia, Tran Thuy Mui: Always promoting Vietnamese culture

Despite living far from the motherland, the Vietnamese community in Slovakia has kept intact the Vietnamese traditional cultural practices of Tet holiday. The community stages the ‘Ong Cong – Ong Tao’ (Land Genie and Kitchen Gods) ceremony on the 23rd of the last month of the lunar year.

The whole community gathers at the New Year’s Eve party, talking with one another, sharing successes and shortcomings over the past year in order to learn from those experiences for the coming year.

Together, the Vietnamese community in Slovakia celebrates a happy and warm beginning of spring. We play folk games and give ‘li xi’ (lucky money) to children to wish them a year full of luck for the New Year.

Whenever I return to Vietnam for Tet, I feel very happy. This year’s ‘Homeland Spring’ programme brought me on a sightseeing tour to Bat Trang ceramic village in Hanoi, where I could meet artisans. The programme also helped me to meet and talk with other likeminded OVs from 20 countries and territories around the world.

Through observations of the mass media, I believe that Vietnam has developed in a positive manner. I was surprised to see the newly constructed Terminal 2 of Noi Bai International Airport, as well as numerous newly built bridges and roads.

I hope that in 2015, our country will see the inauguration of modern constructions, which are expected to facilitate the lifestyle of people, particularly those in rural areas.

Bach Van Phong, an OV in Germany: Trying to encourage younger generations to turn their mind towards the Fatherland

Thanks to activities of the Associations of Vietnamese Residents in Munich and Berlin, Vietnam’s image has been updated.

OVs in Germany are always willing to make donations to support their fellow countrymen in Vietnam, who are victims of natural disasters and floods.

The OVs are always aware of the importance of upholding the national cultural traditions of Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Women’s Association in Munich, established under the name imbued with Vietnamese culture: ‘Non La’ (Conical Hat), has organised many activities to encourage younger generations of Vietnamese, who were born in Germany, to turn their mind towards the Fatherland.

Vietnamese language classes, which occur every Saturday and Sunday, have been opened for Vietnamese children to ensure that they will not forget their mother language.

I am currently working on projects , which give the opportunity for Vietnamese nurses and students to work and study in Germany. It makes me happy to know that Germany highly values Vietnam’s human resources.

I see the country changing every time I come back to Vietnam, roads are upgraded, houses are more beautiful and people’s lifestyles are improved.

More than 30 years of living far from the motherland, I look forward to Tet holiday, when my family and I can return to Vietnam to celebrate the lunar New Year together. Gathering around the Tet feast full of Vietnamese traditional dishes, I feel the security and love of my family and friends. It is a very warm feeling for me.

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