Primary student learns how to write with foot

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VietNamNet Bridge – Nguyen Viet Hung, who dreams of becoming an IT engineer, writes with his foot as he has no left hand and his right hand is slightly deformed.


A student in 4A class of Hoang Long Primary School in the central city of Thanh Hoa could not hold a pen in his hands when young, so he tried to practice writing with his foot.

Nguyen Viet Tam, the boy’s father, said he and his wife have been earning a living with field work, and cannot send Hung to a specialized school for disabled people. However, they vowed to send him to school.

Tam and his wife taught the boy how to write with his foot. They never thought of giving up, even though their son wrote poorly at first.

The boy was patient like his mother and father. After a great deal of effort, Hung now can write well with his left foot.

He can also do many other things, from sweeping the floor to riding a bicycle. Hung’s magical feet help him do work very briskly, just like the strong hands of non-disabled men.

He surprised visiting reporters when he used his feet to press phone keyboards to make calls and send messages.

Nguyen Thi Thi, his mother, is very proud of her son. “He is a good boy. He learns well, and always tries to help parents when necessary,” she said.

She said Hung is a playful and lovely boy who has a great passion for singing and joins all the school’s art performance programs.

Thi said that her son was invited to join Thanh Hoa City’s group of disabled artists because he has aptitude for singing. However, she refused the opportunity as he was too young.

Hung said he dreams of becoming an IT engineer, a job that would help earn enough money to help his parents escape from poverty.

In the future, the parents will not be able to take care for him, and he said he must study hard to get a good job so that he can feed himself and his family members.

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