Nguom Ngao – a jaw-dropping grotto

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VietNamNet Bridge – Nguom Ngao, around three kilometers from the magnificent Ban Gioc Waterfall, is the most famous limestone cave in the northern upland province of Cao Bang.

Stalactites look like an upside down lotus flower

Stalactites look like an upside down lotus flower

The breathtaking stalactites of different shapes and sizes certainly surprise visitors.

Nguom Ngao is nearly 2,100 meters long, and 60 meters high at some stretches. Its name literally means “tiger cave” in the language of local Tay ethnic minority group. Legend has it that tigers took shelter in the cave and often attacked the nearby villages.

Visitors can feel the chilling atmosphere inside the cave while admiring the stalactites that look like human, tree, mythical animal, lotus sprout, pillar and others.

The entrance to Nguom Ngao Cave

The entrance to Nguom Ngao Cave

It takes around one hour to walk through Nguom Ngao. Local people discovered the cave in 1921, but it had not been opened to tourists until 2006 when paths were built for visitors to get inside the cave.

When in Cao Bang Province, tourists should drop by Nguom Ngao to eyewitness the actual wonder of nature.


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