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Phu Yen is one of the three provinces selected to pilot exploitation, purchasing, processing, consuming tuna in chain. Agricultural sector is booting programs to successfully implement this model, especially the synchronous investment from exploitation, purchasing, processing, consumption, to fisheries infrastructure construction…

Fishermen in Ward 6 (Tuy Hoa city) transferring tuna ashore after a long voyage

Fishermen in Ward 6 (Tuy Hoa city) transferring tuna ashore after a long voyage

Phu Yen has chosen Hai Ba JSC to participate in the model of tuna production in chain. Mr. Le Van Hong, Director of Ba Hai JSC, said that, “To export tuna into large markets, product quality is the decisive factor. Currently, the company has been selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with ABI Group (Japan) to transfer frozen-products technology by CAS technology and freezing equipment with a capacity of 500kg/hour. With this technology, the thawed tuna quality remains as fresh as the original”. Also according to Mr. Hong, around May 2015, ABI Group will complete installation and put into use CAS technology at the company. Total investment of this technology around 120 billion dongs, of which the Ministry of Science and Technology will support 50%, the ABI Group will transfer the training and operating procedures. The company is implementing 5 new hulls with new material, each vessel is worth about 20 billion dongs. The vessel will make task of exploitation and rotating tuna collection from vessels in associated with company for transport to shore fastest, guaranteed to catch tuna from shore from 10 to 12 days. As doing so, the tuna can achieve quality and economic value for exports …

As informed by Mrs. Helen Packer, Representative of ANOVA Company (USA), ANOVA company is a partner in the US for tuna purchase of Phu Yen through Hong Ngoc private Enterprise. In first quarter of 2015, the company will invest for Phu Yen fishermen some pre-processing models and preservation for tuna with current advanced technology, support operation technology and use of circle hooks (hooks C). Circle hooks will limit to catch such unwanted species as sea turtles, dolphins … with the purpose of environmentally protecting marine resources.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tri Phuong, Deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development allocated for Phu Yen to build 185 vessels for fishing and logistics by 2016, transforming and upgrading of 465 vessels. The industry sector is currently advising PPC to issue regulations on implementing the model of linking value chain and building a model of the chain link to choose typical model, effectively operating to popularize in the province by 2015. Targets by 2020 are for Phu Yen to complete the reorganization of production in tuna quality and higher income for fishermen, aimed at efficiently and sustainably developing tuna exploitation industry. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Cao Duc Phat said, “Guiding fishermen to comply with tuna exploitation and preservation is essential. Only with proper exploitation and preservation techniques, can we improve tuna quality and selling with high prices. To achieve this, determinations have to made to produce in chain linking with the participation of leaders of provinces, industry associations and individual businesses, but to a self-employed fishermen are alone”.

Source: Phu Yen NewspaperTranslated by TRONG HAO

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