Largest Buddhist flag go on display

Source: Pano feed

(VOV) -The largest Buddhist flag of record, which is 25.58x20metres and weighs 60 kilograms,will be exhibited at the 2015 Yen Tu spring festival.

The flag has five colours namely green, yellow, red, white and orange thatrepresents the solidarity and unity of Buddhism in five continents.

The Yen Tu spring festival, which is one of the biggest festivals in the northern region, will kick off atthe Trinh Pagoda in Uong Bi Town in the northern province of Quang Ninh on February 28,the ten day of the first Lunar month.

Within the framework of the festival, participants will enjoy a wide array of art performances such as lion-dragondancingand martial arts and folk games.

This year, it is expected to attract 400 visitors and 2,500 Buddhist followers.

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