Khuoc Cheo village in spring

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(VOVworld) – Khuoc village in Dong Hung district, Thai Binh province is one of 7 cradles of Cheo or traditional opera in Vietnam. Dozens of Cheo troupes from here have performed in many parts in Vietnam. Khuoc villagers are famous for their gentle manner of speaking and beautiful Cheo performances.

Khuoc villagers are practicing a Cheo performance (Photo: www.danvietvn)

Khuoc villagers are practicing a Cheo performance (Photo: www.danvietvn)

No one knows the exact origin of Khuoc Cheo, but villagers say it has been performed since the ancient times. Khuoc village was home to many Cheo forefathers such as Trum Dao, Trum Thuong, Huyen Doan and Kep Muc. Cheo has been part of the daily lives of Khuoc villagers, it has even become one of the daily topics of their conversations. Nguyen Thi Minh is a villager: “I love Cheo melodies, they have become a part of my life. Each member of my family can perform the classical drama “Luu Binh Duong Le”. Cheo singing has existed in my family for many generations”.

Mr. Quach Van Sau, who is working on cultural issues in Phong Chau commune, Dong Hung district, said: “Cheo has been part of the villagers’ life since their childhood. A baby is lulled by Cheo melodies and it develops in one’s mind and heart. Cheo singing has become a daily activity for the people here”.

A Cheo stage is open so that the artists and the audience can interact with each other. Khuoc Cheo artists are very flexible in their performance style. Each artist only needs some simple tools to perform, perhaps a box, a chair or a fan. According to Nguyen Van Ro, head of the Cheo club in Khuoc village, Cheo is simple and sincere, like the nature of people here: “Cheo is performed in a very professional and natural way. The performers are successful in a way that they make the audience feel as if it is a real part of their lives”.

Khuoc villagers now have possess hundreds of Cheo melodies, including classic ones such as Phan Tran, Kim Nhan, Tong Tran Cuc Hoa. They have even invented new versions of classic dramas such as Luu Binh and Duong Le – a story of selfless friendship, and Thi Kinh – the tale of the Goddess of Mercy. Mr. Quach Van Sau again: “Khuoc Cheo artists are good at spontaneous response. They can even make up dialogues right there on the stage without the audience realizing. There is no difference or border between the artists and the audience. The audience give applause or simple presents to the artists which are considered to be a great encouragement to them”.

A Cheo club for teenagers in Khuoc village (Photo:

A Cheo club for teenagers in Khuoc village (Photo:

As time passes, the Khuoc’s Cheo opera still preserves its authentic nature and the soul that is typical of the villagers here. Every spring, a Cheo festival is organized in the village, attracting scores of artists and audiences who come to exchange and enjoy the beautiful Cheo melodies.

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