Improving conditions for migrant workers

Source: Pano feed

(VOV) – The Vietnam Labour Export Association (VLEA) began a series of audits of employment agencies earlier this year after a surge in complaints involving migrant exploitation.

Many agencies were breaching employment rules by short-changing migrants and failing to keep full records, an investigation had found.

VLEA President Nguyen Luong Trao recently said there were a lot of unscrupulous businesses who were taking advantage of migrant workers and it was an absolutely massive problem.

Trao added that the VLEA has been working with about 90 members to clean up their act and comply with a code of ethics in their dealings with migrant workers.


We have also put improved internal controls in place to ensure improved oversight and supervision of the agencies along with a much improved evaluations methodology, Trao said.

This year the VLEA has directed its member to improve the quality of workers and services to fulfill its target for sending 100,000 workers to foreign markets and has been particularly focused on the Taiwan (China), RoK and Japan markets.

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