Four long-standing and interesting markets in Hanoi

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Dong Xuan, Quang Ba, Long Bien and Hom markets are long-standing markets in the capital of Hanoi, playing an important role in trade and they are imbued with cultural features of the Hanoian people.

Not only appearing many years ago, these markets have become known tourist destinations for simply visiting or shopping.

Dong Xuan market – a paradise for snacks

Dong Xuan market is located just west of Hanoi’s Old quarter. Surrounded by Dong Xuan, Hang Khoai and Cau Dong streets, Dong Xuan is mostly reserved for wholesale goods and a distribution points for many retailers in Hanoi. It is true to say that it is a “very local market”. Main products include electronic devices, household equipment and clothing.

Dong Xuan market. (Photo:

Dong Xuan market. (Photo:

At the back of the market a pet trading place can be found with animals such as puppies, kittens, birds and tropical fish. There is also a spot exclusively for plants, in particular the Vietnamese bonsai.

The market is famous for good, no nonsense, local food, served both day and night. It is a wise decision to stop here for some simple local cuisines such as “Bun Cha”, “Bun Rieu” or chips in a hot pot on a fall/winter night.

Hom market – a paradise for shoppingHom market is located in the middle of Hue street. It is one of the longest running, largest, central but very unnoticed markets in the capital.

Hom market. (Photo:

Hom market. (Photo:

Opening from 6am to 6pm, the market with “what every woman wants” used to be open only in the afternoon selling fresh fish and vegetables to individual needs. Today it has become an ideal place for all talented housewives because it sells delicious seafood with fresh, out of season vegetables and unusual spices in Vietnam.It is also the largest fabric market in Hanoi. You can find every color, style, and type of fabric ifrom China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. However, the traders here have a habit of overcharging so unforgiving bargaining skills are essential to get a good price.

Long Bien – a busy wholesale marketTheGo Backpacking magazine has always ranked Long Bien market as one of five most interesting markets in Southeast Asia. The market located at the northern side of Hanoi’s old quarter, next to the historic Long Bien bridge. This is one of the largest and busiest fruit and vegetable markets in Hanoi.

Long Bien market. (Photo:

Long Bien market. (Photo:

Produce pours into this market daily from all over Vietnam and even from China. Swarming of buyers from local restaurants and markets who arrive in the very early morning to buy premier produce, the fresh fruit and vegetables. You can also find meats, fish, spices, flowers, and other edibles, but the main reason to visit is for the fruit and vegetables.

The market begins at around 11:00pm and starts to dissipate as early as breakfast time the following morning Quang Ba – a meeting place for various kind of flowers

The Quang Ba flower market in the Tay Ho district of Hanoi only sells the best fresh flowers available in the city and is also the largest flower market in Hanoi. Fresh flowers are shipped here each day from all over Vietnam and from as far away as Da Lat. Deliveries and trading begin in earnest around midnight, winding down at dawn the following morning. In the earlier hours of the market, most of the business is to wholesale buyers and later in the session there are more individual sales to local people who are buying the flowers for celebrations, memorials, and offerings.

Quang Ba flower market. (Photo:

Quang Ba flower market. (Photo:

In addition to fresh flowers, from the low-priced to the most expensive flowers, from home-grown to imported, everything related to flowers can be found here, including, decorative papers and colourful strings.

Flowers here are sold by separate species, unlike in other markets. The whole people in Quang Ba market seems to be speaking in low-and-soft voices. The sellers and buyers, each has an electric torch in hand because the sun is still sleeping.

The Quang Ba flower market is particularly busy around holiday and of course, especially on the occasion of the Lunar New Year Festival (Tet), because going to Quang Ba flower market is not only a trip to buy flowers but also a cultural feature for Hanoians.

Due to it’s proximity to the city and appearance of various kinds of flowers, Quang Ba flower market for a long time has become a meeting place for the younger generation and an ideal destination for photographers./.