Five and 85 years

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NDO- We are entering the 5th year of the 11th tenure of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s National Congress. It is also the 85th year since the Party took leadership of Vietnam’s revolution.

The Thoi Nay Newspaper, in its New Year Edition for The Year of the Cat (2011), ran the headline “The daily worries return”. It was a warning after the success of the Party Congress and the Lunar New Year celebration, the daily worries stayed the same. The economy was sluggish, many companies went bankrupt, and unemployment was high. Economists agreed that the global economic crisis started in 2008, continued, and the domestic economy was on a downward trend.

Reality happened that way. Difficulties added to difficulties.

The 11th tenure of the Party was stuck in the global economic circuit. As a country with a market economy, Vietnam was badly impacted. Leading experts all said that this was the most difficult period since reforms started 30 years ago.

Eighty five years since the Party came into being, the Party has always taken the responsibility of bringing the nation out of difficulties. Before the Party, the country was in darkness. But it was the same nation that stood up and fought against the French colonialists, the Japanese fascists, and the American imperialists to win back independence and confidently walk its chosen way. Taking the leadership role during difficulties, and not backed by any powerful country, the Communist Party is trusted and loved by the people thanks to its contributions and sacrifices over the course of history.

The Year of the Horse, 2014 was not a peaceful year for the world. Political, religious and racial conflicts took place across the world. The economy was still a dark place. The price of oil plummeted in the later half of the year. In the region, there were attempts of an invasion in the EastSea. Although they all affect production, business and investment, Vietnam’s economy continued to advance. There were 13 out of the 14 targets for 2014 that were met or surpassed. GDP growth rate was 5.98%, higher than the previous 2 years. It’s been a long time since such economic strength has been seen. Inflation was tamed, the CPI index increase of 5% was the lowest in a decade, and the social safety net was secured. Like a canary that signals spring, Vietnam’s economy has escaped its bottom. Such successes affirm the leadership role of the Party, which has driven the country out of the ups and downs.

Together with the Party, the spring of the Goat is opening a new road for the country’s development.


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