Connecting people in the ASEAN Community

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(VOVworld) – An ASEAN Community with a unified economy, an open market, and cultural diversity will be established by the end of this year. Success will only be achieved with people’s consensus, so it is crucial to improve public awareness of the Community and the challenges and opportunities it will create. Anh Huyen comments:


A people-centered ASEAN Community will be an effective tool to improve administrative governance, increase the standard of living, achieve sustainable growth, and create bigger opportunities for everyone. ASEAN member states have basically completed preparations for the establishment of an ASEAN Community, which have included improving public awareness through communications.

Diverse communication campaigns

Malaysia has assumed ASEAN’s Presidency for 2015, a year themed “Our People, Our Community, Our Vision”. Malaysia’s Ambassador to Vietnam Dato Azmil Mohd Zabidi said Malaysia’s priorities this year include leading ASEAN toward a people-centered community. He said: “Malaysia’s efforts to educate the public about the association and community have been carried out very actively. From January to November, 2014, there were 44 programs carried out to educate the public about the association and the ASEAN Community. The public programs were carried out in many methods: through briefings, colloquiums, quiz, competitions, paper presentations, radio interviews, foreign workshops, exhibitions, and the launch of a web portal.”

Other ASEAN member countries have carried out their own communications. Singapore has established an ASEAN Fund to finance communication activities and to invite scholars and reporters from other ASEAN countries to Singapore. Laos has increased foreign media coverage of ASEAN on Lao media and incorporated ASEAN-related content in sports, cultural, and education programs. Thailand has established school libraries and produced radio programs about ASEAN. Brunei has organized youth exchanges and exhibits on the theme of ASEAN. The Philippines has produced documentaries featuring the establishment and development of ASEAN and similarities among the 10 ASEAN countries. Indonesia has targeted communications to bolster friendship between the people of Indonesia and other ASEAN member countries. Indonesia’s Ambassador to Vietnam Mayerfas said the programs carried out in each country demonstrate ASEAN’s determination to develop a people-centered Community: “We’re contributing something for ASEAN. The aim also is to make them, the people, students, not to think about their religion, citizenship, but we are part of ASEAN.”Active integration into ASEAN is Vietnam’s consistent policy

Ambassador and Head of SOM ASEAN of Vietnam Nguyen Vu Tu says Vietnam deems it important to communicate on the ASEAN Community in the long term: “It is essential to get people to understand the benefits the ASEAN Community will create. We have invited representatives from 9 other ASEAN countries to share their experience in preparing for the establishment of the ASEAN Community and awareness-raising communications. Preparations for the establishment of an ASEAN Community have begun a long time ago.”

A united ASEAN with a common vision, identity and community is the message that member states are sending out to the world. Historical and cultural similarities are decisive factors to increase connectivity within ASEAN.

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