“Carpeting” to attract talents

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In recent years, the PPC has enacted the policies of post-graduate training, attracting intellectuals to return to work in Phu Yen province, which is an important point to concretize the breakthroughs in human resource development, serving the objective of local socio-eco development.

Master Huynh Thi My Linh at a teaching period

Master Huynh Thi My Linh at a teaching period

Head of Organization Department of the Interior Officials in Phu Yen province, Mr. Le Tuan, let known, implementing Resolution numbered 51 by the Provincial People’s Council on the policy of post-graduate training inside and outside the country; the policy of attracting intellectuals; Resolution numbered 110 on attracting, training, prioritizing doctors in the province during the period of 2014-2020, the province has, so far, attracted 56 individuals; in particular, master degree with 28 people, university graduation with good level 14 people, doctors, pharmacists 14 people.

As being one of the 56 people working in the province under the attraction policy, Master Huynh Thi My Linh, an English teacher in Luong Van Chanh High School for the gifted, shared, in 2006, after graduating from English pedagogy (Hue Pedagogical University), she worked as an English teacher at Nguyen Cong Tru high school for 3 years, she asked for stopping to leave for Ho Chi Minh City to harbor the dream of raising the expertise level. After 3 years teaching and studying, she obtained a master degree in teaching English from the University of Victoria (Australia) in Ho Chi Minh. With the degree, in 2012, she was arranged to teach at Luong Van Chanh High School for the gifted under the provincial attraction policy. “Deep from the bottom of our hearts, everyone wants to devote and work in the homeland. I am really lucky to be working at the school I’ve ever dreamed. It is the sufficiently reliable and steady “fulcrum” for me to devote,” Ms. Linh said.

Dr. Nguyen Duy Luan giving medical check-up to pediatrics.

Dr. Nguyen Duy Luan giving medical check-up to pediatrics.

Graduating from Hue Medicine University with the pretty-level degree specialized General Doctor, the young doctor Nguyen Duy Luan, born in An Cu commune, Tuy An district, is employed under Resolution 110/2014 by the Provincial People’s Council. Mr. Luan was arranged to work at the Department of Surgery joint the other specialist faculties (PhuYenHospital of pediatrics and obstretics). He let known, “The preferential policy for doctors is basically considered quite ‘attractive’; however, I think it is only one factor. What we need more is the working environment to maximize our intellectuals to contribute to the task of caring for people’s health”.

Improving the quality and human resource development is one of the key strategies for socio-eco development to transit to the development stage of industrialization and modernization in the context of economy integration and globalization. Therefore, attracting talents is necessary. With the staff and cadres in the province being sent for higher education and graduated students with honors from regular school, Phu Yen province has the regimes and policies to timely support. More importantly, the arrangement ensures the right people doing the right job, the right qualifications to promote their highest capacity, intellectuals for their work.

As for Phu Yen people, everyone wants to work in the homeland. The core problem is that they do need a good working environment and obain an acceptably decent life. With the policies and practical works in the amending, supplementing, regulating regimes, policies, training, fostering and attracting talents in the province during recent years, hopefully, it will be strong enough to “retain” talents, so that they can dedicate to the locality in the long run.

Source: Phu Yen NewspaperTranslated by TRINH THUY

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