Assisting poor employees to celebrate Lunar New Year

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During the last days, the Provincial Labor Confederation visited, presented gifts and supported to construct the “Trade Union Shelters”… so as to help workers, employees and fishermen with difficulties in the province to welcome At Mui Lunar New Year 2015 in a warm and happy way.

Mrs. Pham Thi Ngoc Tu, Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial Labor Federation, presenting gifts to the people in Xuan Lam commune (Song Cau town)

Mrs. Pham Thi Ngoc Tu, Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial Labor Federation, presenting gifts to the people in Xuan Lam commune (Song Cau town)

In the last year, the Provincial Labor Federation sharply paid attention to the material and spiritual life of officials, civil servants, workers in the holidays; and well-performed the “Gratitude” task, building Trade Union shelters. By the days adjacent to Tet festival, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Trade Union organized the annual activities of visiting and giving gifts to officials, Trade Union’s members, workers and people with difficulties to help them with a warm and happy lunar New Year.

For this Lunar New Year, the family of Ms. Cao Thi Ngoc Thao, Trade Union’s member of the General Hospital in Tay Hoa district is very happy in their new spacious house, thanks to the contribution of the District Labor Federation, the Trade Unions at facilities, families and support from the Provincial Labor Federation through the Fund of Trade Union Shelter, which is a really great encouragement, helping her family overcome difficulties and strive to stabilize their lives. “For the last many years, despite trying to accumulate, I cannot afford housing, fortunately, thanks to the help and facilitate from the provincial Labor Federations and Tay Hoa district’s labor federation, we can build this house, I am very grateful for the help”, Ms. Thao said.

During these days, hundreds of fishermen and their children who suffer from difficult circumstances in the coastal districts, town in the province are also supported hundreds of million dongs by Vietnam General Labour Confederation, the Provincial Labor Federation through the movement program of “Gratitude Mesh”, “For fishermen in Hoang Sa and Truong Sa”. Thereby, helping fishermen have confidence in the Trade Unions, peace in mind to cling offshore, contributing to protecting the national sacred maritime and island sovereignty.

According to Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Van, Chairwoman of the Provincial Labor Federation, during the days adjacent to Tet festival, the Provincial Labor Federation has enhanced inspecting and monitoring the labor law implementation, job security, wages, income, ensuring the balance in distributing the collective welfare and awards during Tet holiday; at the same time, mobilizing the Trade Union’s members, cadres, businesses, philanthropists to contribute to support the cases of cadres with serious illnesses and difficult circumstances to welcome Tet. The Trade Union at all levels are involved with the locality, branches, agencies and enterprises to visit the policy objects; well-implementing the plan 68-KH / TU by the Provincial Standing Party Committee on assisting communes, villages, hamlets with difficulties and poor households; collaborating with the departments, sectors to take care of female cadres, children of civil servants with difficult circumstances. In addition, the Provincial Labor Federation directed specialized agencies of Trade Unions at all levels and subordinate units to organize assigning the shift to ensure the safety for all agencies during Tet holiday, ensuring service for the operations of celebrating the Party Formation, Spring at localities; mobilizing cadres to successfully complete the tasks of politics, national defense-security besides welcoming Tet festival, and ensuring the production and business just after the first days after the Lunar new year 2015.

Source: Phu Yen NewspaperTranslated by TRINH THUY

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