Asian countries welcome Lunar New Year

Source: Pano feed

(VOVworld) – Asian countries are jubilantly celebrating the new Lunar Year. Chinese people celebrate the new year with colorful lantern festivals. Chinese people in Yangon, Myanmar also marked the festival with lion dances in the streets. In other countries like Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, after New Year’s eve, people go to pagodas to pray for health and good luck for the new year.


The Asian community in Western countries also celebrate the Lunar New Year festival. In Sydney, Australia, many Asian traditional events were held such as fire dance, boat racing in Cockle bay, and fireworks performances in Sydney square and street parades.

On New Year’s Eve on Tuesday, a 25-minute fireworks display took place in New York city, the US to celebrate the new Lunar Year. In Britain, London authorities allowed Asian people there to organize cultural events and fairs on this occasion.

World leaders extended new year greetings to 2 billion Asian people. On Tuesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry wished every one a new year of health, prosperity and happiness. Mr. Kerry said the US administration expects new prospects in the new year especially as Washington is promoting cultural exchanges, political cooperation and security in the region. He expressed his hope that the US can boost the motivation for agreements related to environmental protection, public healthcare and poverty reduction in the world. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven sent his new year wishes to the Asian community all over the world. In her new year greeting, South Korean President Park Geun Hye expressed her hope that South Korea will overcome difficulties to have a happy new year.

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