“Angel infirmary” of Tho Chu islanders

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PANO – The Military-Civilian Infirmary of Regiment 152 of Military Zone 9 is addressed as the “angel infirmary” by people on Tho Chu Island, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province as its doctors and nurses have been wholeheartedly caring for troops, locals and fishermen’s health.

Giving health checkup to a fisherman at the infirmary

Giving health checkup to a fisherman at the infirmary

Tran Thi Kim Tuyen, a native of Bai Ngu village, Tho Chu commune said that she was promptly saved from acute appendicitis by the infirmary’s medical staff more than a year ago. Meanwhile, Nguyen Van Sang, a fisherman of Kien Giang provincial trawler, recalled that in late November last year, he got injured at his liver in a small clash at around 11p.m. He would never forget the free of charge surgery and the care given to him by the infirmary’s medical staff.

It is not easy to travel to Tho Chu Island as it is far from the mainland. Actually just one ship sails to the island in every few days. Moreover, it takes nearly seven hours to sail from Tho Chu Island to Phu Quoc Island district. Therefore, according to doctor, Lieutenant Nguyen Van Hien, a minute late in giving first aid or treatment would put patients at risk. So, the infirmary is always on 24-hour duty.

Though facing many difficulties, the medical staff there have always taken a good care of patients. Notably, the infirmary has many times provided free of charge treatment for poor patients or policy families.

In 2014 alone, the infirmary gave treatment and surgeries to hundreds of people as well as ensured good health for troops. Besides, it instructed locals how to prevent diseases and build a pilot village free from dengue epidemic.

With its great efforts, the infirmary was conferred the title the Unit of “Determination to Win” by the Military Zone 9 Command.

Translated by Mai Huong

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