An intensively humane program

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Implementing the campaign “Day for the Poor”, launched by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, during the last few years, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in Phu Yen province has mobilized agencies, unions, charitable organizations and donors to actively donate to the Fund for the poor through many practical forms to support and care to help the people to overcome difficulties and build up a stable life.

Members of the Fatherland Front of Binh Ngoc commune (Tuy Hoa city) presenting gifts to a local poor household

Members of the Fatherland Front of Binh Ngoc commune (Tuy Hoa city) presenting gifts to a local poor household

Currently, arriving in the remote communes in the province, it is easy to see that more and more houses are attached the signs “House of gratitude”, “House of solidarity”, “Union’s Shelter”…, which is the great effort in the advocacy task of the Front at all levels to implement the campaign “Day for the Poor”. Particularly, in 2014, the Front at all levels in the province along with the member organizations closely cooperated with authorities to advocate and build thousands of Solidarity Houses, Affection Shelters for the poor.

Besides, the activities of facilitating the poor households in developing production, increasing income; supporting nearly-poor households to obtain health insurance, helping to treat diseases for the poor and disadvantaged households; presenting scholarships to fond-of-studying poor students to help them with conditions to continue schooling. The joint-efforts to help by the Father Front’s member organizations has brought about many practical results. Specifically, in 2014, the Associations under the Provincial Association of Oriental Medicine checked and treated in the form of reducing or freeing charge to over 17,000 policy-inhabitants and the poor with the total cost of over 460 million dongs. Many other member organizations such as Trade Union, Youth Union movement mobilized to contribute to the Fund for the Poor with billions of dongs… through such activities as “Solidarity Shelter”, “Fund for Gratitude Mesh”; “Pilot Volunteer for socio-eco development and National defense”.

It can be confirmed that the campaign “Day for the Poor” has been really spread extensively among the community. The humane movement has adorned the tradition of mutual love, human love of Vietnamese people. “To promote the achievements, the Front at all levels in the province continues to mobilize the entire population to enthusiastically join hands to participate in the movement to achieve higher performance in the future. Thereby, it can practically help build new rural areas, civilizing urban, contributing to ensuring social security, improvin the material and spiritual life of the people”, the President of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in the province, Mr. Luong Mong Sanh emphasized.

Source: Phu Yen NewspaperTranslated by TRINH THUY

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