After-Tet service for peach trees yields fruit for growers

Source: Pano feed


Peach growers in Hanoi are making good money caring for expensive trees bought during the Tet holiday.

Some peach trees being cared by growers

The service has grown in popularity among those who buy expensive trees to mark the Lunar New Year, but don’t have the time or expertise to care for them until the next Tet, creating a side industry for professional growers in Nhat Tan and Duong Noi peach villages.

Customers pay an annual fee of VND1-3m a tree, which they leave with the grower after 10-15 days’ use and get it back at the next Tet for use at no charge.

One grower offering the service, Pham Van Kien, said,”We have lots of regular customers who trust our service, so they pay us in advance, but new customers often ask us to sign a pledge to look after their tree, and only pay half in advance, the other half the following year.”

Pham Van Ngu, a senior peach grower in Nhat Tan Village, said the cost of trees can change dramatically year-to-year. “If customers want to re-use their peach trees, our service is good value.”

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