Actively help civilians prevent from flood and storm

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With a high sense of responsibility and great courage, in recent years, officers and soldiers of Phu Yen Border Guard Army have made lots of positive contribution to preventing from flood and storm, search and rescue locally. The units of Border Guard Army have become the sustainable fulcrum for fishermen’s fishing activities.

Phu Yen Border Guard Army at the rehearsal responding to tsunami

With nearly 190km length of coastline, every year, Phu Yen province is frequently affected by hurricanes, floods, high tides. For Phu Yen Border Guard Army‘s officers and soldiers, “people’s soldiers”, the task of preventing flood and storm is always considered the most important duty, a combat mission in peacetime. Colonel Nguyen Van Minh, Deputy Combat Commander of the Provincial Border Guard Army let known: “Preventing is evaluated more essential than combating“, the Command actively established the plan of preventing from flood, storm and searching, rescuing; and consolidating the Command Board; also, regularly adding plan close to the actual situation. On that basis, stations, navy team, squadron have built up specific plans of Preventing and Rescuing according to the motto of “4 tasks at localities“, which has been thoroughly propagated to each of officers and soldiers, well-implementing the task of assuring, timely deploying at the occurrence of situations.

So far, Tuy Hoa Border Guard Station has mobilized establishing 25 safe-boat groups with nearly 200 ones and thousands of fishermen. The force consist farmers with experience at sea, understanding flows, waves, tides; vessels are equipped with state-of-art systems of communication with land, combining production and exploitation, connecting mutual sea-information. During the rainy season, when boats are in distress, through the radio, fishermen communicate to the Border Guard Army to be timely rescued timely, minimizing the damage for people and property. Mr. Bui Van Meo (ward 6), captain of PY-90216TS fishing-boat, revealed: “We often catch fish in the fishing grounds of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa, hundreds of miles far from the inland, the incidents of meeting stormy, breakdown vessels at sea are inevitable. As encountering such situations, the Border Guard Army officers and soldiers are ready to timely help, so we feel peace in mind going out to sea”.

On the October days, in ward 6‘s port (Tuy Hoa city), the ships of the naval force in Phu Yen Border Guard Army are ready to be on duty, carrying out the rescue missions. Lieutenant Colonel Tran Anh Duc, a politburo member of Border Guard Navy force, let known, by the arrival of the rainy season, all equipment serving the task of preventing flood, storm and rescuing has been prepared to meet the operational requirements in accordance with ship standards. Officers and soldiers of the fleet have been thoroughly grasping the plan, ready to maneuver when a situation occurs. With the spirit of sacrifice for people, during the last few years, the fleet of Phu Yen Sea Border Guard Army have been involved in searching sunk-boats in areas of inland waters and national marine waters in the province, promptly rescuing people and property in distress at sea. There were few accidents occuring in dangerous situations, but officers and soldiers have taken responsibility, courage creativity, saving timely, minimizing human and property damage of the people.

Source: Phu Yen NewspaperTranslated by TRINH THUY

Đăng ký: VietNam News