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Hungary’s top prosecutor in VN

Vietnam wants to learn from the Hungarian procuracy sector’s operations to better its judicial reform, especially in improving the quality of court trials, State President Truong Tan Sang has said.

Sang was speaking at a reception for Hungary’s prosecutor general Peter Polt who is in Hanoi for an official visit to Vietnam.

He hailed the regular exchange and staff training between the two countries’ procuracy sectors and said Hungary’s experience is very useful for Vietnam’s judicial reform.

He briefed his guest on Vietnam’s legal system, saying the country is building a complete legal system from its past experiences and assistance of international friends, including Hungary.

Vietnam and Hungary need to increase mutual legal aid as the European nation is home to many Vietnamese nationals, Sang said.

He also assured his guest that Vietnam, a Southeast Asian nation with a dynamic economy and rising position, is willing to help Hungary penetrate a large, lucrative ASEAN market.

Chief prosecutor Peter Polt in turn said he had a working session with the Supreme People’s Procuracy of Vietnam and both sides had reached substantial and specific agreements beneficial to the two peoples.

Hungary has made great strides in judicial reform over the past 20 years, and it is ready to share its experience with Vietnam, he said.

Peter Polt affirmed Hungary attaches importance to relations with Vietnam in its Look East policy. He vowed to work hard to strengthen cooperation between the two procuracy sectors.

He also revealed that the Hungarian President is looking forwards to visiting Vietnam in the coming time to mark 65 years of diplomacy between the two countries.

Minister to Presidential Office of Laos visits Vietnam

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc gave a reception for Minister to the Presidential Office of Laos Phongsavath Boupha in Hanoi on September 29.

The Deputy PM highly valued the outcomes of working sessions between the Minister Phongsavath Boupha, who is also head of the national steering committee on human rights, and key officials of Vietnamese ministries and agencies.

He said that information shared between the two sides will contribute to each country’s human rights work and pave the way for the two steering committees to build and promote long-term cooperation in solving issues of common concern on human rights in particularly as well as strengthening cooperation and mutual assistance in regional and international arena.

He affirmed the Vietnamese Party and Government’s consistent policy of bettering citizens’ basic rights of freedom towards the building of a democratic, equal and civilised society, and a State of the people, by the people and for the people.

The Vietnamese official expressed his hope that through working sessions and meetings, the two sides will discuss and share experience in dealing with issues related to human rights as they are still facing numerous challenges on ensuring human rights for vulnerable groups, improving gender equality and narrowing gap between the rich and the poor.

The guest spoke highly of Vietnam’s achievements in respecting and ensuring human rights.

Experience shared by Vietnamese offices will help Laos better its work of boosting human rights in all political, socio-economic and cultural affairs, he said.

Earlier, the Lao guest was received by Head of the Vietnamese Presidential Office Dao Viet Trung.

Vietnamese, Lao female NA deputies exchange experience

Vietnamese and Lao female deputies on September 29 discussed how to promote the role of legislative bodies in issues related to gender and women’s rights.

Head of the Vietnamese National Assembly Committee for Social Affairs and Chairwoman of the Female NA Deputies Group, Truong Thi Mai, had a working session in Hanoi on September 29 with a visiting delegation from the Female NA Deputies Group of Laos led by its head Boungong Boupha.

At the meeting, both sides shared experience in building the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control and legal framework on gender equality, and exchanged views on challenges in integrating gender issues into the parliament’s activities.

They also focused on sharing experience in drawing up and inspecting the NA’s resolutions and laws on social affairs.

Both host and guest agreed to continue close coordination between the two female NA deputies groups, as well as regularly hold workshops to deal with violence against children and better policies related to women, children and gender equality.

VN, Laos talk human rights

Viet Nam and Laos should share experience and promote long-term co-operation in dealing with issues relating to human rights, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc told visiting Lao Minister and Head of the President’s Office and Chairman of the National Committee for Human Rights Phongsavath Boupha yesterday.

Experience sharing between the two countries would help improve the effectiveness of human rights in both countries, he said.

Phuc said there was a consistent policy by the Party and State to ensure human rights with the aim of building a democratic, fair and civilised society.

He said Viet Nam had made many achievements in observing, protecting and ensuring human rights in the past years.

However, he said the country still faced challenges relating to sustainable development, tghe rich-poor gap, gender equality and social security.

The Lao minister spoke highly of Viet Nam’s achievements in observing and ensuring human rights, saying that Viet Nam’s experience would help the Lao Party and Government.


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