Vietnam sends 2nd diplomatic note protesting China to UN

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Vietnam sent Friday the second diplomatic note issued by its Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Chinese counterpart, reiterating Vietnam’s demand that China remove an oil rig from the Vietnamese waters immediately, to the United Nations, the Vietnamese ministry announced the same day.

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The diplomatic note was handed to the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon by Ambassador Le Hoai Trung, head of the Permanent Mission of Vietnam to the United Nations, the ministry said.

The ambassador also delivered to the UN chief the second report of thePermanent Mission of Vietnam to provide updated information regarding China’s illicit oil rig deployment in Vietnam’s waters.

In the document, Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry reiterated that by placing its oil rig Haiyang Shiyou 981 and its guarding ships in Vietnam’s waters, China has seriously violated Vietnam’s sovereign rights and jurisdiction over its exclusive economic zones and continental shelf, pursuant to the 1982 United Nations Conventional on the Law of the Sea to which both China and Vietnam are parties.

China has also violated the Declaration of the Conducts of Parties in the East Vietnam Sea and the agreements between the high-ranking leaders of Vietnam and China.

Vietnam therefore strongly protests China’s wrongly act and demanded that China immediately remove the rig and its guarding ships from the Vietnamese water, and not repeat similar acts in the future, the diplomatic note said.

Over the past month, China has deployed hundreds of ships, including warships, and military jets to the rig’s location to ram and fire their water cannons at Vietnam’s marine law enforcement vessels and fishing boats, the document said.

Such attacks have injured law enforcement officers of Vietnam and damaged a dozen of Vietnamese ships.

Notably, on May 26, Chinese vessel #11209 rammed and sank Vietnamese fishing boat DNa 90152 with 10 crewmembers on board when the local ship was operating in its traditional fishing ground near Vietnam’s Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago in the East Vietnam Sea.

The diplomatic note highlighted Vietnam’s policies and goodwill in pursuing peaceful measures to settle disputes based on international law and the DOC with China, as well as other concerned countries.

The document also strongly rejected false and fabricated allegations that China had cited in its delegation’s diplomatic note sent to international organizations and permanent representative delegations in Geneva on June 2.

Ambassador Trung has suggested that UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon keeps the diplomatic note as an official document of the 68th UN General Assembly and send it to all country member of the UN.

Earlier on May 21, in order to protest China over its illegal oil, the ambassador sent the first report to the UN on China’s illicit rig deployment and handed to UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon the first diplomatic notes issued by Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to its Chinese counterpart.

After relocating twice, the Chinese rig is now located at 15°33’22” North latitude and 111°34’23” East longitude, still in Vietnamese waters.

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