Jewelry management circular raises questions

Source: Pano feed

Thao Nguyen

Nguyen Van Dung, chairman of the Saigon Jewelry Association, the organizer of the conference giving instructions on implementation of the circular, said that the circular will be the legal foundation to restore order on the gold jewelry and fine arts market and protect benefits of consumers.

Vo Dinh Lien Ngoc from the HCMC Department of Science and Technology said that the circular will help reduce substandard gold on the market while managing agencies will have the legal tool to tackle violators.

Earlier, many gold quality measurement and examination regulations had been released. However, agencies had met challenges in application due to inconsistency of these rules.

A local enterprise told the Daily that it is still unclear how substandard jewelry already produced will be handled after the circular becomes effective. It will be costly for enterprises to reprocess the jewelry products while inspectors will have no foundation to define the manufacturing date of the products to punish producers.

While the circular will bring about benefits for consumers, a lot of small enterprises will face challenges. In fact, most jewelry items produced by small firms are substandard and have lower prices compared to those of large companies. If small firms want to produce high-quality products, they have to raise prices, and thus cannot compete with large firms, he said.

Tran Phi Hung, owner of Tan Binh An gold shop in District 8, was concerned that there would be differences between gold measuring scales of enterprises and those of inspectors. In addition, it is time consuming for enterprises to test their gold scales every week.

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