Industrial waste incinerators most modern in the North

Source: Pano feed

On 14/1, at the Nam Son waste treatment complex, Soc Son District, Hanoi, Hanoi Urban Environment Company has organized the inauguration of “industrial waste incinerators” a capacity of 48 tons / day.


With modern self-contained process, environmentally friendly, this is the most modern waste incinerators in the North.

With an investment of up to 36 billion, industrial waste incinerators of the Complex Nam Son waste treatment is made ​​up of two combustion chambers, heat, dust separator, an absorption tower temperature, exhaust fans, exhaust pipes and tank sediment.

This technology has been evaluated by the Institute of Urban Environment and Industry English for the effectiveness and feasibility. Especially with certain types of waste, incinerator technology can handle outstanding including rubber, leather, plastic and fabric, paper pulp, medical waste, waste decomposition; including waste requires a high calorific value and larger form.

All are operated by a closed process automatically; it is not harmful to the environment and energy savings than the previous type of burner.

Industrial waste of Hanoi up to 448 tons / day and only about 50% is processed.

Process technology of industrial waste incinerators will contribute effectively to the disposal of waste, solving the city’s urban environment. /.

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